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Leddra Chapman reflects on her breakthrough in 2010
Brentwood singer and songwriter Leddra Chapman
Airplay by Sir Terry Wogan introduced Leddra to a whole new audience

Singer Leddra Chapman says she is happy to remain an independent artist as she looks back on her breakthrough year.

The 21-year-old from Brentwood gained national recognition in 2010 thanks in part to receiving airplay on Radio 2.

As she prepares for a nationwide tour and second album in 2011 Leddra told BBC Introducing in Essex she felt no pressure to sign up with a major label.

"At the moment I'm independent and just having a great time and watching my fan base grow," she said.

"I'm playing some amazing gigs and just want to keep doing it and keep getting better as a musician.

The Essex singer runs her record label, ALC Music Ltd, along with her management team - a scenario she said she was comfortable with.

"I've been with my management team for the best part of six years," she said.

"They've really developed me well and they're like a big family and we love running together and it's really fulfilling when things like the Radio 2 play happens because of our hard work together."

Leddra's career was boosted no end when her debut single 'Story' was championed by Sir Terry Wogan on his radio show, which also led to a session for the national station.

Leddra Chapman with BBC Introducing in Essex presenters Ollie Winiberg and Mike Bromfield
Leddra reflected on her year with BBC Introducing in Essex

"I remember waking up and thinking 'it isn't going to be played' and when it got to 8.30 when it was due to played and another song came on and I thought 'he's not going to play it'.

"Then out of nowhere I heard the brass band at the beginning of the song and it was the best day of my life.

"I really want to meet him [Wogan], because he completely kicked everything off for me."

Looking ahead to 2011, the predominantly acoustic singer/songwriter is planning a follow-up to her debut album 'Telling Tales' and a UK-wide nationwide tour.

"It's a co-headline tour with Ben Montague who's a good friend of mine. We've done quite a few gigs together and he's amazing," she said.

"It's an O2 Academy tour, so I'm so excited, it's like 15 dates all around the UK at some great venues."

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