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Pumpkin sculptor carves a niche
David carves his latest celebrity - Simon Cowell
David's pumpkin carvings of celebrities such as Simon Cowell has created a stir

A Danbury artist has found himself in the national spotlight thanks to his pumpkin carvings of celebrities.

David Finkle has created a number of portraits of the likes of Barack Obama, Michael Jackson and Simon Cowell, which become 3D when lit by candlelight.

The 30-year-old's work has led to appearances on national television, coverage in newspapers and on websites around the world.

"I am now getting some unusual request coming through," he said.

"At the moment I've got several newspapers that have given me particular names [of celebrities] I've got to do carvings of."

Unlike conventional pumpkin carvings, David carves the skin of the pumpkin to different thickness, to create his 3D effect.

"To get the contrast, I work with three levels of light," said the 30-year-old.

"One is by removing the complete flesh along with the skin. The second colour comes by peeling off the skin that will let through just a shadow of light.

"I'll then leave the skin on for the darkest elements of the pictures.

"That is how you create the 3D, simply with three shades of light."

Pumpkin carving of a graveyard
On average, a sculpture will take about four hours to complete

A pest control officer by profession, David has demonstrated previous examples of his hobby at Harrods, Hamleys and the Tate Modern.

He freely admits working with pumpkins has its drawbacks, notably their seasonal availability and limited durability, but is open to using his skills with other fruit and veg.

"If I really wanted to go down a commercial route, for some pocket money, I could probably do weddings or special events like that using watermelons," he said.

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