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Spray paint artist makes his mark
Blue by Kevin Sweeney
An example of Kevin's work called 'Blue' under ultraviolet light

Innovative Barnston-based sculptor Kevin Sweeney is finding his unusual methodology is reaping the rewards.

"I basically use all the products you would use for spraying cars," said the 44-year-old.

These shiny creations are not only eye-catching, but he has also had plenty of success at getting them displayed.

His first creations were exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art in London and recent pieces have been shown at Stansted Airport.

The sculptures are modelled with chicken wire and fibreglass before being spray painted.

"Normally most sculptures start with a block and the artist works in, but I actually start from a skeleton and work outwards," said Kevin.

'Splat' by Kevin Sweeney
'Splat' on display at the Brightlingsea Boat Show

"So, I use chicken wire which is galvanized, something that won't rust to make the frame."

One of Kevin's more inventive displays involved him wading through the Doctor's Pond in Great Dunmow, and placing one of his giant polished eggs on the duck island.

Quite a surprise for residents of the north Essex town.

Kevin was pleased with the reaction of Dunmow to the egg.

"I've spoken to the Town Council and I will be putting something on the island next year," he said.

"They phoned up and gave me a bit of a telling off; 44-years-old and I shouldn't be wading through water!"

Personal motivation

Kevin's inspiration to start making the works of art came from an unlikely source.

"A very good friend of mine committed suicide and that encouraged me to make the first piece called 'Caring'," he said.

Dunmow Egg
Kevin's 'egg' by the Doctor's Pond in Dunmow caused a bit of a stir

Other factors that influenced his art included Kevin moving to the north Essex countryside and getting rid of his cocaine addiction.

"After my breakdown, one of the big things was to get out of the town and get away from all the cocaine. And that was a very difficult thing for me because I'm a social person," he said.

'The Splat' is the latest piece of work Kevin has been working on and it was recently displayed at the Brightlingsea Boat Show.

He is hoping the work will eventually go on show in a public space rather than being sold to a private collector.

Kevin says being able to put his skills as a car painter to more interesting effect allows him to be creative and now it is a case of making art his number one profession.

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