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Be part of A History of the World

Museums across Scotland have taken part and you can too

Work has been ongoing to find objects which capture the history of the world.

The BBC, British Museum and museums across the country have been working together and you can get involved.

Objects have been selected by the museums which tell stories and make connections locally and across the globe.

The artefacts tell the story of their makers, different owners, the journeys they have undergone and the changes in meaning or function across time and space.

Darien to Dolly

Concorde began in the 1940s in the race to break the sound barrier

There are 14 objects from museums in the Edinburgh, Fife and East Scotland region.

Dolly the sheep hit the headlines in 1997. The development opened up opportunities in medicine and raised important questions in cloning and ethics.

Concorde's story began with the race to break the sound barrier in the 1940s and continued into the 1960s to develop supersonic air travel.

The earliest surviving Scottish banknote and the portrait of Jean Jacques Rousseau by artist Allan Ramsay are also included. See more of the collection at the A History of the World website.

TV and radio

Alongside the landmark Radio 4 series on the project, you can learn more about the objects already in the collection on BBC TV and local radio.

Throughout January and February, The Radio Cafe on Radio Scotland discussed some of the objects selected by the museums in Scotland, both the story behind each object and the issues it opens up.

Radio Scotland's Past Lives also featured objects nominated by you.

Add your object

You can be part of this by contributing to what could be the world's biggest digital museum. Add your object and help us tell A History of the World.

If you have an artefact which shows the connection between your area and the wider world, maybe it's something of importance to your community or which shows how lives have changed, go to the website where you can add your suggestion to the collection.

Take a photo, upload it to the website and add a brief description. You'll receive confirmation that your object has been added to the collection. Go to A History of the World website for more details.

What will you add?

Some well-known personalities have now added their object including Hardeep Singh Kohli and David Attenborough. Hardeep chose a painting by Scottish artist Tony Scullion that has links to his Scottish and Indian heritage.

View all the videos here



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