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Page last updated at 09:40 GMT, Friday, 12 March 2010
BBC Radio Solent's Haircut 100

Jon and hairdressers
Jon Cuthill wants to hear from hairdressers around Dorset

BBC Radio Solent is looking for hairdressers in Dorset to help us tap into our local communities.

While presenter Jon Cuthill may not to need regular trips for a short back and sides, he needs to make an appointment with hairdressers and barbers for his mid-morning show on BBC Radio Solent.

We know hairdressers and barbers are a hive of information and local gossip and some of the stories you hear in your salons could make your hair curl!

So we want to hear what you and your clients are talking about - what you think about the hot topics of the day. It could be an issue happening down your high street or a national news story, plus we also want to hear the stories of people's lives - happy and sad.

Will you be in Jon's Chair of Destiny?

Each weekday morning from Monday, March 22, Jon will be picking one of our Haircut 100 salons or barber shops and calling up for a chat, live on BBC Radio Solent.

So if you have signed up for Haircut 100 and the phone rings at 1050 it could be Jon finding out who is in the Chair of Destiny!

When Jon calls it is up to you and your colleagues and friends to decide who he should talk to. Whether it is the salon owner, the head stylist, the trainee or perhaps one of your clients in having their hair done!

He will ask the willing participant a bit about themselves, find out some interesting stories about them and their friends and also learn what is going on where they are.

Haircut 100 is open to hairdressers and barbers across Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight, so if you would like to join in and perhaps be in Jon's Chair of Destiny then email us at haircut@bbc.co.uk

Include your name, the name and location of the business and a contact telephone number.


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