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Presenter profile: Jon Cuthill

Jon Cuthill

Jon Cuthill is the voice of weekday mid-mornings on BBC Radio Solent.

From the genuinely interesting to the surprisingly silly, Jon needs your help sticking together the jigsaw of life in the South.

He's fairly sure all the pieces are out there, he's done the edges - it's just the bit in the middle which he struggles with.

You're never quite sure what he's going to do or say next - but that's all part of the charm! His show can cover everything from intriguing local history to strangely compelling phone-ins about the everyday quirks of life.

How do you tell where your fuel cap is from inside your car? Have you ever been mugged by a monkey? Where is the best bottom in the south? Why do people drive yellow cars? Can you make a cake in a microwave? What have the Romans ever done for us? Questions, questions, questions...

You can share a story, set him straight, add an awful pun or just sit back and enjoy the show. Just be part of it.

Keep your little grey cells fully functioning with Mental Maths as Jon puts your brain through it's paces with a daily workout. And choose a tune everyday with the People's Choice at 1230.

Jon was born just outside Christchurch in the early 70s. His dress sense hasn't changed much although his haircut definitely has - more through necessity than choice.

He's been talking rubbish for most of his life although luckily he tries to stay on the straight and narrow whilst talking on BBC Radio Solent!

As well as his radio work, Jon also presents and produces films for other parts of the beeb. He's popped up on Inside Out, South Today and BBC Video Nation.

While he likes surfing he's not all that keen on sprouts. Currently he's training to run the London Marathon.

E-mail the programme: jon.cuthill@bbc.co.uk

Jon Cuthill - weekdays from 0930 to 1300



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