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Page last updated at 10:05 GMT, Friday, 6 August 2010 11:05 UK
Chideock traffic light protests only halted 'for now'
Chideock's villagers traffic protest, May 2010
The protests in May disrupted traffic on the A35

A protest by villagers against traffic congestion on the A35 has only been halted "for now", said an organiser.

Tony Fuller and other Chideock residents had been repeatedly activating a pelican crossing, causing traffic lights to stay on red.

Now, after meeting with authorities, protesters will be given hand-held speed cameras to monitor traffic.

Mr Fuller said: "We are delaying the protest. We want to give everyone the chance to do the right thing."

'Like a motorway'

The A35 is a main route between Bournemouth and Exeter and runs through several villages in Dorset, including Chideock, between Bridport and Lyme Regis.

Mr Fuller has said the route through his village is "like a motorway".

A lorry drives through Chideock
The A35 through Chideock can be "like a motorway"

The protests, last May, quickly caused traffic congestion.

Last month, Dorset Police, the Highways Agency and local residents got together for a PACT meeting (Partnership and Communities Together) to discuss the issue.

Mr Fuller said: "The police said there was nothing they could do to stop the pollution and the heavy vehicles but what they could do is help control the speed, and they asked if we, as volunteers, would help."

Deterring speeding

In a scheme known as "speed watch", Dorset Police will supply hand-held speed cameras and work with villagers and police community support officers about using them safely and legally.

The police are also supplying high visibility jackets.

The hope is that it will act as a deterrent for speeding motorists.

Mr Fuller had heard that a similar scheme in Warmwell, near Dorchester, had had a positive impact.

But he said: "They had around 370 vehicles a day through their village there.

"We have around 16,000 through our village every day which is quite a bit different - and sometimes motorists can't speed even if they want to."

Villagers have agreed not to protest during the project, but Mr Fuller is ready to protest again if need be.

He said: "We still have our placards and the protest is going to continue but not at the moment, we are delaying [a decision] until September."

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