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Page last updated at 14:51 GMT, Monday, 2 August 2010 15:51 UK
Avro Vulcan XH558 plane at Bournemouth Air Festival
Avro Vulcan
The aircraft is scheduled to appear on 21 August

The Avro Vulcan XH558 aircraft is scheduled to appear at the Bournemouth Air Festival, organisers have said.

Richard Clarke, from the Vulcan to the Skies Trust which restored the 50-year-old craft in 2008 and now runs the plane, said: "[It is] fantastic news.

"The Vulcan is such an awesome beast and the public seem to love it."

The Cold War-era jet, known for its distinctive Concorde-style 'Delta wing' and loud engine noise, is planned to appear on Saturday 21 August at 1600.

'Labour intensive'

Avro Vulcan
The Avro Vulcan XH558 has distinctive Concorde-like 'Delta Wings'

The Vulcan has recently undergone work on its brakes and the trust had to cancel a scheduled flight at Farnborough air show on 24 July.

Mr Clarke said: "It's 50 years old and its start-up process is like a car, so it's bound to be a bit temperamental.

"We're dealing with a labour-intensive piece of kit."

Richard, who estimates the aircraft costs about £19,000 per hour to run, is hopeful it will make its scheduled appearance at Bournemouth.

Its flight over Bournemouth is one of around 30 appearances at British air shows the aircraft has planned for the summer months this year.

Jon Weaver, event director of the Bournemouth Air Festival, said: "We remember 2008 when we didn't quite get it here, but obviously it displayed in Sunderland last weekend, so it's looking okay."

Nuclear deterrent

Vulcan bomber and rocket - Vulcan to the Sky Trust
This is the only surviving Vulcan of the 134 which were built

The Vulcan XH558, built to carry nuclear weapons but only ever used as a nuclear deterrent, is the only one left of the 134 Royal Air Force Vulcans that were built.

It retired from service in 1993 and then, after it was kept unused in a hanger for several years, it was restored in a 10-year process by the Vulcan to the Skies Trust.

The restoration cost around £7m, including a £2.7m heritage lottery grant.

The trust is hoping to raise £4,000 so the Vulcan can make a second appearance at the festival, on the evening of Thursday 19 August, and is looking for sponsorship from local businesses.

The Bournemouth Air Festival runs between 19 - 22 August. BBC Radio Solent will be providing full coverage of the event across the four days.


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