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Rare Beatles photographs on sale
Sue Hendey, BBC Dorset
By Sue Hendey
BBC Dorset

Five rare Beatles photograph taken in Dorchester
The collection includes a snap of John Lennon taking pictures with a box brownie

Five rare photographs showing all four Beatles - John, Ringo, Paul and George - have sold for £460 at auction in Dorchester.

The black and white snaps date from the mid-1960s and include two duplicates.

One photograph shows the Fab Four posing with the owner of the Askers Road House Hotel in Bridport.

In another, John Lennon is taking photographs on a box brownie camera and the other photograph sees the Beatles driving off in their tour car.

Rare Beatles photograph taken in Dorchester
The owner of the hotel in Bridport said The Beatles were "good fun"

The vendor of the pictures was Gill from Dorchester - she asked not to be identified any further.

The photographs were given to Gill's mother by the owner of the hotel at the time.

She was a friend of Gill's mother and provided food and lodgings for The Beatles as they travelled through Dorset on their way to the West Country.

The hotel owner had the original photographs, together with negatives, but gave Gill's mother copies as she knew Gill was a fan.

Gill said: "[The Beatles] were gorgeous, so different from what we'd had before.

"It was just a very exciting time!"

When Gill's mother arrived home with the snaps, Gill admits she could not believe her luck.

She said: "I was just so excited, I thought it was wonderful.

"And the fact that they'd actually been somewhere that I'd been as well was amazing."

Rare Beatles photograph taken in Dorchester
Gill now feels that someone else can make "more use" of the collection

Gill remembers that the owner of the Askers Road House Hotel said that John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and Paul McCartney had been "good fun".

Gill said: "I remember them in that sort of light - lively and fun.

"And the music was unbelievable and still is."

For many of her teen years, Gill kept the photographs in a drawer in her bedside cabinet.

She said: "I'd look at them at night before I went to bed.

"They've never been out of the wallet apart from just to look at."

With so many "wonderful" memories of The Beatles why has Gill decided to part with her photograph collection?

She said: "I think I've reached a point when I perhaps don't need The Beatles there anymore.

"It's time to clear things out and move on.

"They haven't been in my bedside drawer for a number of years now.

"I was sorting through things and came across them again, and thought they're probably more use to someone else than they are to me now."

The photographs were sold to a telephone bidder at Duke's Grove Auctions.

John Holmes the Saleroom Manager said it was a "fair price" for photographs which were relaxed and not staged.

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