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Page last updated at 16:40 GMT, Tuesday, 8 February 2011
Devon's blogging surfer Lyndon enjoys 'crazy waves'
Lyndon Wake
Lyndon Wake
Devon pro surfer

Lyndon Wake surfing at the Giant's Causeway
Lyndon has been surfing at The Giant's Causeway

Hells bells! What a week since I last wrote.

I can definitely say that without a doubt I have never had such a fulfilling week in my entire life.

It's been tough work with a lot of driving around searching for amazing waves, early mornings and lack of sleep but, holy smoke, it paid off!

The session at Giant's Causeway was amazing due to the incredible location of the wave and the thrills of being one of the first guys to surf there.

Plus it being my first legitimate tow-in session, which was definitely filled with drama as both of my rescues were far from ideal.

Just as I came off the back of both of my waves, a huge set was looming which coincidently closed out the whole bay leaving us no escape on the jet ski.

Driving was courtesy of Al Mennie and thanks to that I'm here writing about it.

It seems that Ireland doesn't want us to be sat around at all - with what seems like an endless swell running, pumping waves down the whole coast.

Although my arms feel like I've done a thousand bicep curls, the joy of getting my best barrel of my life yesterday overrides the wear and tear on my body.

Gaining so much experience through every day and not just from my good waves - every time I wipeout I'm building confidence too.

The other huge part of being out here is also learning to drive the jet ski.

As of yet I haven't had any slip-ups on it and have put my fellow surfer Andrew Cotton into some good waves, but also still need to gain some more experience in that department.

When I said in last week's blog that I would be writing about the craziest waves of our lives I wasn't sure if I actually would be, so who knows what on earth is going to happen this week.

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