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Page last updated at 12:52 GMT, Friday, 28 January 2011
Surfing blogger Lyndon Wake's 'learning curve'
Lyndon Wake
Lyndon Wake
Devon pro surfer

Lyndon Wake in Ireland
Lyndon has been meeting some local animals

Ireland is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting places I have ever been.

I think the way to sum up the trip so far is a massive case of discovering and a huge intense learning curve.

We've had a huge range of surf from small really clean waves to fairly big and windy waves.

So I'm having a real taste of what this whole thing out here is all about - in my mind we've been so lucky surfing every single day.

We're having so much fun, from getting slightly scared surfing the big wave spots of Mullagmore and Prowlers, to being in my total comfort zone at the world class reefs around Bundoran.

Lydon Wake - sunrise in Ireland
Lyndon has seen some 'amazing' sunrises

Cotty has been passing on his wisdom in the larger seas and when we've been using the jet ski, so I'm starting to feel my confidence rise like the mercury in a thermometer after every surf .

It's making me more and more excited for the super large swells yet to come.

As I'm writing this I have just filled my stomach with a one-off sneaky takeaway after a tough day with a lot of hiking around muddy and peaty fields looking for new waves.

And finally we've stumbled across something which is showing some huge potential.

It looks like a super powerful and intense wave which was breaking right on the rocks.

But with the swell looking like it's increasing over the next few days and with some favourable winds as well it could get really exciting.

Unfortunately we've been unable to gather many photos or film of our exploits as of yet due to the charts not looking promising enough to entice the photographers over to the icy Irish waters.

But don't be disappointed - a long our ways around Ireland there has been some amazing sunrises and some epic native animals that we've photographed ourselves to share with you.

The chart is currently looking epic and with a videographer coming over on Saturday hopefully next week I'll be able to write about how the pair of us have had the craziest waves of our lives.

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