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Page last updated at 10:52 GMT, Friday, 8 January 2010
Tell us your tales of the snow in Devon
Ivor Abiks - Uffculme

It's the longest cold snap that many of us can remember here in Devon.

Snow and ice has meant schools are closed and roads are treacherous.

At the BBC Devon website we have been hearing from people right across the county about their experiences of the snow, good and bad.

So whether it's the fact that you have been sledging for the first time in years or just that you're getting cheesed off with the cold let us know using the messageboard below.

Got all excited at seeing a snowplough/gritter actually cruising through the village. I bow to the sheer genius of whoever engineered this operation which cleared all the fresh snow off the sheet ice underneath WITHOUT CHUCKING GRIT ON TOP ! This now compounds the village problems and leaves the road in a far more lethal condition.
Derek, Holne

Living and working in the heart of Dartmoor we consider ourselves very fortunate (despite never having the roads here gritted) it therefore saddens and angers us that on driving past Haytor yesterday, after the weekends sledging fun enjoyed by hundreds of visitors to the Moor, to see the area covered in broken sledges, plastic sacks, bits of carpet and various other bits of debris used as improvised sledges. Whilst the Moor is there to be enjoyed it is such a shame that some people can not resoect the area and leave it as they found it, Well the forecasters got it really wrong this weekend.
Kevin, Ponsworthy.

I commute weekly to work in Liverpool and was forced to return early to Merseyside on Saturday afternoon in order to avoid the big drop forecasted for Saturday night/Sunday. It cost me an extra night in a hotel, but more importantly meant I had less time at home with my family. Naturally, the snow did not materialise.
Simon, South Molton

Been snowed in here for a week already. The gritters have made a couple of passes ALL AROUND the village, but not the extra 500 yards THROUGH it to let us get out to the village shop, or to Ashburton. What cheeseparing decision-maker cleverly saved this tiny amount of grit, and caused so much anguish in so doing? Couldn't the County Council have supplied grit bins so we could at least have helped ourselves to clear the roads ?
Derek, Holne

We live in a tiny hamlet that only has a country lane going through it making driving impossible unless you have a tractor or a 4x4. The local secondary school, Holsworthy community college has been shut all week as most of the pupils have to travle in by school bus as Holsworthy school accepts pupils from a very wide area. The poor headteacher is getting grief off parents for not opening as they have to take time off work to look after their children. Both my husband and myself have been unable to get into work this week and all of our children have been at home with us. Can people just take a minute to consider the implications of opening a school that then cannot guarentee that the pupils can get home safely again. Respect to any headteacher in Devon that is facing this tough dilemma.
Melanie Scott, Holsworthy

We have a private water supply and the pipe bringing it to the house has frozen. We have been surviving since yesterday morning by bringing buckets up to the house from the spring. We have a 4 month old baby and this cold spell is making life interesting! Don't know how long we can continue like this!
Kat, Clearbrook, Yelverton

We were out doing a walk in the snow when halfway up the hill we saw a tesco deliverey truck suck in the snow. it had rammed itself in to the side of the road to avoid crashing. Peter Grierson, Ottery St Mary

Having finally dug ourselves out by tractor and got to south molton to get supplies yesterday we were amazed to see all the snow ploughs parked up at the depot at pathfields when our roads are still blocked with large snow drifts. Give the farmers some snow ploughs and we will get the job done !!!!
Richard, Brayford

We were due to fly to Spain on the 8th Jan and decided the roads were too icy to travel. Also anyone who knows Beer will realise its full of hills. On making a claim on our insurance, they require a letter from the Highways Agency that the roads were unfit for travel. Unbelievable!!
Paul Atherton, Beer

At first the snow looked amazing had a lot of fun in it that's until the cold weather kicked in. now most of the village is out of water including me with a slit water pipe under the kitchen to deal with. but also the roads are too icy and still covered with thick snow, so there's no chance of getting anywhere.
Ryan, Hiscott near Barnstaple

Just thought you may like to know that on putting my thermometer on my front windowledge this morning and rather later than usual at 8 am the temperature recorded was 24 F. -6 C. making this the coldest morning so far in this snap.
Jean, Kingsbridge

Having not been able to get out of our road since Tuesday due to snow and ice our heating has now broken down. Called British Gas last night on service contract - 45 minutes to answer the phone and cannot get appointment to service the boiler until Monday morning. Thats the best part of three days without heating! A promised phone call back from them last night failed to materialise. Makes you wonder what you pay your £220+ a year for?
Barrie Spencer, Plymouth

Ambulance slides into our garage door: We have just had an ambulance slide into our garage door. The door is now buckled, and won't open, with our car being trapped on the inside. The road had not been gritted. Now the Government wants to restrict the amount of salt used by a further 25%. Snow happens every winter. Why are the authorities never prepared?
Geoff and Pat Willis, Dawlish

Now that we're having to help ourselves a bit more when the council can't clear our roads, how about those with coal fires spreading the ashes outside on the pavements and roads like we used to do when there were no salt/gritter lorries. That's always supposing it doesn't contravene a potty health and safety issue, or count as litter!!! And talking about the lack of salt for our roads - isn't sand a good alternative in an emergency.
Eileen, Bratton Fleming

I saw a clip on Spotlight on a meals on wheels firm getting local help to deliver there meals. I also own and run a meals on wheels service in newton abbot and surrounding area's. In the big freeze i have had to bare all weathers in a little van with no help or surport from any local authiroties.I am a private firm doing the best to give the best hot food to people who need it.
Adam, Newton Abbot

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