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Page last updated at 17:16 GMT, Friday, 16 October 2009 18:16 UK
Fell names her own unsung hero

by Phil Tuckett

Heather Fell and Archie Brew
Heather with her own 'Unsung Hero' Archie Brew

Modern pentathlete Heather Fell has lent her support to the BBC Sports Unsung Hero 2009, becoming the award's ambassador for BBC South West.

The 26-year-old from Tavistock, who won an Olympic silver medal in 2008, said her journey to the top of the sport would not have been possible without the help of her former swimming coach Archie Brew, who she sees as her own unsung hero.

Heather credits Archie with encouraging her to take sport seriously, whilst also overseeing her early development in the pool.

She told BBC South West: "Archie's always had that faith in me that I would get there.

"I think I was quite a late developer with my swimming and didn't really have the confidence and Archie kept saying keep at it."

Archie was Heather's first swimming coach at her local pool in Tavistock, and the Olympian said that even though he is no longer her full time coach, his influence remains as strong as ever.

She said: "When I've been away and I drop in for a quick session, Archie's so often there coaching and he's always gives me the time of day and asks how things are going on.

"He's always got that advice for me with my stroke if I'm having problems and things like that," added Heather.

Archie has been lending a helping hand to young swimmers like Heather in Tavistock since 1978.

Heather Fell
Heather won silver at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

And the 76-year-old said that as with all of his swimmers, his aim for Heather was to see her reach her full potential.

"My motivation comes from seeing everybody do better," said Archie.

"People say winning is not a part of it these days with children, but I never think about winning, I think about doing your best.

"When people come to you and they start swimming you don't quite know how far they can go. My target has always been for the children to get as far as they can with their ability."

BBC South West Sports Awards 2009
16 Oct 09 |  TV & Radio



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