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Getting town into woolly frenzy
By Julie Fisher
North Devon reporter, BBC Radio Devon

Katrina Embling
Katrina has only been knitting for a year

We crept nervously towards Hatherleigh's best known landmark, clutching a crumpled carrier bag.

It was stuffed with what they call 'tags' in this shady underworld, and it just felt wrong.

"Let's make the world a warmer, fuzzier place to be," whispered my experienced accomplice.

Uneasy with this foray into the newest sub-culture in Devon, I stiffened and shivered with anticipation as a car slowly rolled by.

Its driver casting suspicious eyes over the illicit load slung between us, we clutched a handle each.

Pink pixie hat and scarf on railing in Hatherleigh
A railing in town sports a pink pixie hat and scarf

Then, the coast clear - we made our hit.

A woolly frenzy followed.

Chunky knit scarves flew from the carrier, brightly coloured hats, delicately decorated blankets - quick as a flash they were adorning the sheep statue in Hatherleigh's market square.

I was but a novice at this knitting graffiti lark but expert 'yarn bomber' 'Katrina Embling kept her nerve and stood back to admire our handiwork draped across the statue of three farmers and a group of ewes.

"It's a beautiful statue, it just needed softening and besides it's going to be a chilly evening," said Katrina, adjusting the pink mohair creation warming a stone sheep's neck.

Knitting graffiti's arrived in Devon from America, where surprise, surprise they take it to extremes.

In the US knitters create jumpers for buses with just the windscreen and headlights poking out, traffic lights are covered in great cosies and even an entire hotel was stitched up.

Dog wearing knitting graffiti
Even dogs can be made over

"I've knitted a pink pixie hat and scarf for a railing I've seen in town and there's a phone box near the shops that's speaking to me."

It's speaking loudly to Katrina, a bit too loudly.

"I'm going to knit it a jumper. I think I'll use a plum chunky knit for that or maybe stripes!"

It's National Knitting Week from October 11-17 October 2009 so if you feel like casting on and joining in, now's as good a time as any.

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