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Page last updated at 17:11 GMT, Wednesday, 28 October 2009
Johnny Kingdom takes us on safari

Johnny Kingdom on red deer safari on Exmoor

If you want to meet up with Johnny Kingdom at this time of year, you'll need to go on a long hike across Exmoor in North Devon.

The wildlife broadcaster loves Exmoor during autumn - it's the time of the red deer rut.

Stalking off across the open moorland, Johnny keeps his eyes peeled for any signs of action.

Of course, it helps if you know where to look: "I'm on the highest point of North Devon," says Johnny.

"Already, looking across the moor, I can see a young stag out there. No doubt there's a bigger one further out.

Johnny Kingdom
Johnny Kingdom knows exactly where to look

"I think what we've got to do is go further out onto the north coast and find a big one and get really close to him."

Johnny wears his camouflage gear during the stalk, so as not to alert the animals.

"I just love the deer - I love all animals.

"But October, I don't miss. I am now in my fourth week - nearly every day - every morning - early - and every evening."

While the stags lose half their body weight during rutting season, all this trekking across Exmoor has a similar effect on Johnny: "This is when I lose a stone in weight."

BBC Spotlight reporter and cameraman John Danks spent an afternoon with Johnny on Exmoor and captured some amazing images which can be viewed in his four minute film on this page.

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