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Devon Autumnwatch 2009

Autumn leaves
Autumn leaves in all their glorious colour

As part of the BBC Autumnwatch season, the BBC Devon website is compiling a series of features and photo galleries - as well as films made for Spotlight TV.

The special features will appear on this page, and you can play your part too.

You can send in your autumnal photos and contact us about possible nature stories in your area by emailing devon.online@bbc.co.uk

Autumn is the favourite season for many people, and here's some of the reasons why:

Nuts about dormice

Take part in a survey of Devon's dormice this autumn

In the autumn of 2009, the Devon Wildlife Trust is hoping to find out more about dormice - and you can help.

This cutest of creatures is also notoriously elusive, so you'll need to know which tell-tale signs of their presence to look out for.

And we are linking up with the DWT to keep an eye on dormice at the trust's Lady's Wood nature reserve - see the link below.

Wondrous Wistmans Wood

Wistmans Wood
An ancient treee at Wistmans Wood

We've put together an audio slideshow of images of Devon's oldest woodland, Wistmans Wood, set to music from Devon folk star Seth Lakeman.

Magical Wistmans on Dartmoor is the oldest woodland in Devon, dating back hundreds and hundreds of years.

It now covers just a tiny area of the moor - centuries ago, the wood was much bigger.

A project to extend the wood has begun, with acorns taken from Wistmans being planted on the valley opposite.

Dartmoor folk star Seth Lakeman has given us permission to use his haunting track, Cape Clear, taken from his Kitty Jay album, with these images.

Watch the Wistmans Wood audio slideshow

We'll drink to that

Gabriel David from Luscombe Organic Drinks shows the BBC Devon website around an orchard at Buckfastleigh.

In a short film, he says the signs are good for Devon's apple growers.

Watch Spotlight's orchard film

Mapping Devon's ancient trees

A three year study to map some of Devon's ancient trees is well under way.

Read how the National Trust is doing its bit to preserve our trees for future generations.

Tree mapping - read more

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