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Page last updated at 16:37 GMT, Tuesday, 10 November 2009
The Brigadier soldiers on

Kev Hutchings
By Kev Hutchings
BBC Radio Devon Introducing

The Brigadier - aka Matt Williams
Exeter's Matt Williams performs as alter-ego The Brigadier

Exeter soloist, The Brigadier, has been writing and recording as a solo star for just three years but can already boast an impressive back catalogue - thanks to his D.I.Y approach to music.

The Brigadier - aka Matt Williams - has recently released Time Is A Wound, his fifth collection of songs and, just like the previous offerings, it was recorded and produced in his flat.

From what he told me, it sounds like a home from home - for me at least!

"It's a bit like this BBC Radio Devon studio, but with equipment that might not be quite as good," he pointed out.

But Matt was quick to confess that, whilst he enjoys putting his work together in the comfort of his own flat, he'd be more than willing to experience life in a studio and would definitely appreciate the advice of an experienced producer.

"You've all the freedom and time to do what you want when you're recording at home, but on a technical level I'd love to learn some tips and get new ideas too," he told me.

Making the connection

I've been a fan of The Brigadier's music ever since I played his track, Oh Paddington, on the show.

It's catchy pop music but cleverly done and really quite original, which is always refreshing.

The Brigadier - aka Matt Williams
The Brigadier records his songs in his home studio

His ability to connect with the listener is a real strength, best demonstrated on his track, Jobseeker.

"I was on the dole when I wrote that," explains Matt.

"I was between one of my many fleeting day jobs, hence the lyrics.

"When it comes to song writing, the melody is the most important thing and I like to fit the words around that.

"Hopefully they stick in the listeners mind."

With plans for a new EP in spring 2010 and an album to follow in the summer, The Brigadier looks set for another busy 12 months, best let the neighbours know the home studio will be back in action soon.

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