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Memories of Nancy Astor - her life and times
Nancy Astor in 1945
Nancy Astor in 1945, when she decided not to stand for re-election

Freddie Knox is now 93-years-old but his memories of Nancy Astor remain as sharp as ever.

Mr Knox was personal representative to Lady Astor, who made history by becoming the first woman to take her seat at Westminster in 1919.

He was also a lifelong friend right up until Lady Astor's death in 1964.

Lady Astor was the Conservative MP for Plymouth Sutton for 26 years from 1919 until 1945, when she decided not to stand for re-election.

Freddie Knox
Freddie Knox - lifelong confidant

Glamorous, fashionable, generous, witty, clever, and hugely wealthy - Nancy Astor had it all.

She was born in Virginia, USA, but she became an honorary Plymothian after making the city her home.

Hers is a fantastic story. Born into a rich family in 1879, she moved to England in 1904 after a failed first marriage.

In 1906, she met and married someone else blessed with wealth - politician Waldorf Astor.

In an in-depth interview with BBC Spotlight's Jenny Walrond in April 2010, Mr Knox talks about her remarkable life.

The films are in three short parts - use the links below to view them.

Early memories:

Nancy Astor in Plymouth in 1923

In the first film, Freddie Knox - a young boy when Nancy Astor was first elected in 1919 - recalls his early memories of her; her glamorous life; and he tells of the occasion when she turned down JFK.

Political power-houses:

Nancy Astor and Prince Edward, later King Edward VIII

In the second part of the interview, we learn about Nancy Astor's first years in Parliament and her relationships with Eisenhower, Churchill and Ghandi.

The later years:

Nancy Astor in 1956

In the final part, Mr Knox tells Jenny Walrond about Nancy Astor during the war years; her later years in Parliament; her death in 1964; and her legacy.

You can find out more about Nancy Astor's life by reading our profile of her using the link below.

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