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Page last updated at 09:02 GMT, Friday, 12 February 2010
Modern look at Torbay's ancient story
By Jemima Laing
BBC Devon

Still from We Love Our Geopark. Bex Glover
The film traces Torbay's unique geology

Staff at Torbay Council will have their access to social networking sites temporarily unblocked for the first time on Friday 12 February 2010.

It's to let them share a newly-created film which champions Torbay's UNESCO Geopark status: We Love Our Geopark.

The film, which took eight months to make, combines live action and animation.

It traces the unique geology of the area from the formation of the planet 4.6 billion years ago.

How to watch the film
Log on to YouTube
type ERgeopark into the search box
Watch the film!

It also looks at how rocks have driven and guided local jobs, industries and shaped our relationship with the local environment.

Torbay Council staff are being asked to share the film with friends and family across all social networking platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, My Space and StumbleUpon.

The film will also be available as part of an education pack to Torbay schools.

The idea of the film is as much about promoting the bay's status among local people as well as to tourists and to the wider world and was commissioned Torbay's Culture and Environment Partnership.

 Grab from We Love Our Geopark
The film took eight months to make

"We have had geopark status since 2007," said Mischa Eligaloff , who is from the partnership and produced the film.

"It's a really big thing to have - like the Jurassic Coast that everyone has heard of, we needed to begin to engrain the concept locally so everyone understands why it is so important.

"We think it's a real magnet to attract tourists and drive our economy forward and as such we need our resident population to have a grasp and pride in their geopark."

The film is directed and animated by Bex Glover at Severn Studios and shot by local South Devon College student Jonathan Palfrey and voiced by local 10-year-old Millie Day.

You can't help but be amazed at how special and beautiful this area really is
Nick Powe, English Riviera Geopark Organisation

It will receive its premiere at Kents Cavern prehistoric caves in Torquay - which is one of the three English Riviera Geopark Visitor Centres.

Local businesses, attractions, accommodation providers and relevant groups are also being invited to put the film on their websites and send the link out to their mailing lists.

Nick Powe, chair of the English Riviera Geopark Organisation said: "The images, and the wonderful narration, capture exactly what the geopark is all about.

"Watching the film, you can't help but be amazed at how special and beautiful this area really is.

"But what's great about the film is the fantastic introduction it gives young people to the outstanding geological heritage, right on their doorstep, in the English Riviera Global Geopark."

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