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Page last updated at 16:04 GMT, Tuesday, 7 September 2010 17:04 UK
Walk this way to take an artistic look at Plymouth
By Jemima Laing
BBC Devon

Walk: Phil Smith
A guided walk with Phil Smith will discuss objects from the exhibition

To most of us a walk might be a way to get some exercise or a breath of fresh air.

But for a group of artists in Devon the act of walking is providing artistic inspiration.

Ambulation is not only an exhibition it is also a series of events, films and new commissions by artists and architects who use walking as an artistic practice.

Based at Plymouth Arts Centre it will run until 10 October 2010.

Each of the artists and architects involved has been invited to offer their own take on the ideas of walking as an artistic practice and on the city of Plymouth.

The series of newly-commissioned walks explore the city and you can join in.

Mark James is co-curator of Ambulation and said he hopes it will provide a "re-energising viewpoint" of the city.

Winter: Simon Persighetti and Tony Whitehead
Simon Persighetti and Tony Whitehead's walk looks at music

"It's a way of entering into Plymouth's history and it's a little bit more than just coming to an art gallery," explained Mark.

So as well as the exhibition there will be a series of walks like the one with Phil Smith on 8 September 2010 will discuss Things-Meanings: a series of objects from the exhibition, made by designer Polly Macpherson, which reference the history of Royal William Yard.

On 30 September Bridgette Ashton will explain some of the ideas, themes, and sights included in her map Pedestrian Plymouth: A Guide to Aimless Wandering.

Another walk - by Simon Persighetti and Tony Whitehead - on 11 September will lead people through the city of Plymouth via its musical history while artist Tim Brennan is holding a Walkshop on 18 September at Plymouth Arts centre - which takes the walking stick as a sculptural emblem.

"I've been researching walking as an artistic practice for about four years - but it's not a new thing, it dates back to the 1960s," said Mark, who is behind the The Itinerant Toolkit.

It was set up in 2008, as a resource and commissioning tool to examine the ideas that surround journeying as an artistic practice.

"The idea is that the work moves around from place to place."

So what does Mark hope people will get from the experience of joining one of the walks?

"The walks are informative and interesting about the history of the place that you may not already know - they also encourage people to speak and all the unwritten personal histories that come out can help people re-evaluate their knowledge of the city."

For more information about the project visit Plymouth Art Centre's website.

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