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Flying the woolly England flag in Devon
By Jemima Laing
BBC Devon

Knitted flag by Alison Murray
Create your own woolly England flag in an afternoon

North Devon knitting supremo Alison Murray has garnered a worldwide following for her woolly creations.

Her current project, Above and Below the Waves, is a woolly underwater world which was made by some 2,000 knitters.

And now she has created a pattern for World Cup fans who are keen to knit their own 11" x 6" Cross of St George.

Alison said it took her an afternoon to knit the flag so you've still got plenty of time to create your very own woolly tribute to the England team.

"It really doesn't take long - I've tried to make the pattern as simple as possible," she said.

Knitted England Flag by Alison Murray

One ball of White Double Knit and smaller amount of Red Double Knit.


Cast on 50 stitches in white wool

Alison in the gingerbread house
Alison inside the gingerbread house she made in 2007

(Main flag will be red horizontal stripes knitting both sides together)

Row 1 knit

Then knit 14 rows in stocking stitch ending in purl row

Start next row in red wool and knit 6 rows on garter stitch (break off wool)

Carry on with white for another 15 rows in stocking stitch

1 row garter stitch in white

Continue to knit 14 rows in stocking stitch white

Rejoin red wool

Knit 6 rows in garter stitch (break off wool)

Continue with white and knit 14 rows in stocking stitch

Last row garter stitch and cast off

Vertical stripes x 2 in Red Cast on 4 stitches and knit 5½" in garter stitch.

Making Up

Vertical stripes are sewn next to horizontal stripes.

It is easier to sew one stripe in between stripes while the piece is flat.

Find the middle to place it first.

Cut card if you wish to use it to stiffen inside of flag then sew flag together with card inside.

Last vertical stripe can then be added.

"I used an old knitting needle for the stick by oversewing it to the flag," said Alison.

"Alternatively you could hang it like a picture or knit a few and make bunting, have fun and enjoy yourselves!"

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