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Page last updated at 11:37 GMT, Wednesday, 17 March 2010
Devon man pays for Jimi Hendrix portrait with a caravan
By Jemima Laing
BBC Devon

Tobias Ward-Edwards and Nick Viney with the painting
Tobias takes delivery of the painting

An unusual case of bartering has resulted in a Devon artist being paid for a portrait she was commissioned to paint of Jimi Hendrix - with a caravan.

Nick Viney was asked to create the painting by musician Tobias Ward-Edwards who cites Hendrix as one of his biggest influences.

A painting of that size by her would usually fetch between £1,500 -£2,000.

"I think it's a great way of doing business, I would like to live that way if given a choice," said Nick.

"It started as a paying job but sometimes because the job can take a long time circumstances can change," said Nick, who works from her studio in Yelverton.

Nick Viney's portrait of Jimi Hendrix
Nick Viney's portrait of Jimi Hendrix

Tobias had invested heavily in producing his new album and by the time the work was finished he asked if Nick would be prepared to take the caravan as payment instead of cash.

"I think it is fair to say that this is probably one of the stranger commissions I have had and a pretty weird turn of events," said Nick, who has now delivered the 1.25m x 1m canvas to Tobias in Brittany.

"Tobias is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about the work of Jimi Hendrix and I wanted to try and capture the essence of his dynamism as a performer while trying to put my own unique stamp on it.

"I'm happy to say Tobias was thrilled with the work."

Tobias now lives in Silfiac but originally comes from Stoke in Plymouth - it was after he was accepted into the Dartington College of Performing Arts that he began to write his own compositions.

He said he was "absolutely delighted" with the painting.

"I am sure it will inspire me in future compositions. Exchanging my caravan for the work is a small price to pay."

Nick is currently working on her next series of paintings, a contemporary take on the Dartmoor Pony, entitled D'artmoor Pony and in October has a solo exhibition at Duchy Square Centre for Creativity in Princetown, where she was a resident artist.

And while she is an enthusiastic exponent of bartering Nick concedes it wouldn't work in every situation.

"Of course you can't do it for everything - you've still got to put food on the table," said Nick, who is still deciding whether to bring the caravan back to the UK or to move it to a small plot of land she owns in France

"But this time I think it's worked out really well - I think I've got a good deal and my kids think it is a great idea."

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