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Page last updated at 14:03 GMT, Friday, 12 February 2010
Plymouth exhibition focuses on time, place and memory
By Laura Joint
BBC Devon

Clay Pit Basin
Clay Pit Basin, by Lu La Buzz - the signature image for the exhibition

An exhibition of multi-media work by students at the University of Plymouth presents a different way of looking at the places around us.

Finding Place, at the university throughout February 2010, has films, photographs, installations - and even 360 video panoramas of Plymouth, shot from a motorised scooter.

The work is by research students in the Faculty of Arts.

The exhibition runs until 26 February and admission is free.

The signature image being used to promote the exhibition is Clay Pit Basin by Lu La Buzz - the picture is at the top of this page.

She is researching the china clay and ball clay industry in the South West, including clay cargoes lost at sea in shipwrecks.

Two of Nicola's images
Two of Nicola Curtis's images of Marken, which we have put together

Another exhibitor is Nicola Curtis, whose work centres on 200 antique negatives she bought at an auction.

Some of the negatives are of Marken in Holland in 1908. More than 100 years later, in 2009, Nicola went to Marken to take photos to illustrate how things have aged since 1908.

"The photographs that resulted from visits I made to Marken are presented below digital photographs printed from the 1908 negatives," said Nicola.

"The photographs picture in close-up detail the effect of time on the fabric of the buildings and spaces.

"This exhibition has provided useful feedback that will inform and help shape on-going research into place, time and memory."

Two of the images are shown together on this page - an archive shot from 1908 and a close-up of rust.

One of the organisers of the exhibition is research student Kayla Parker.

Glass by Kayla
Glass by Kayla Parker being shown on TV at the exhibition

Kayla is exhibiting her digital film, Glass - a stop-motion animation using micro-photography of pieces of glass found on the beach at Stonehouse Pool in Plymouth.

Kayla is studying for a PhD and her research area is animation and gender.

She explains what Glass represents: "I locate materiality of memory, experience of place, and feminine pleasure in the liminal space of the strandline, between high and low water, at the intersection between the natural world and the urban environment."

Karol Kwiatek, a PhD student from Poland, is presenting a 360 degree video panorama filmed from a motorised scooter.

"My research project is to discover new and compelling methods for developing narratives that are presented via the use of interactive, still, and video panorama that encompass the use of communication technologies and virtual reality."

The exhibition is supported by Land/Water and the Visual Arts research group at the university.

It is open 9am-5pm, Mondays to Fridays, in the university's Scott Building.

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