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When will Radio Derby be on DAB?

DAB Radio
Digital radios usually also have an FM option

When will BBC Radio Derby be available on DAB?

It is one of the questions we get asked all the time.

So, we asked BBC Radio Derby's Editor, Simon Cornes, if he could come up with the answer...

He said: "I'm afraid there's no immediate prospect of BBC Radio Derby becoming available on DAB. The latest information we have is that it won't happen until the first half of 2012 at the earliest but even that's by no means certain.

"When the industry regulator, Ofcom, awarded a licence to provide digital radio, including BBC Radio Derby and a selection of commercial stations, to an estimated 850,000 people around Derbyshire, the service was originally due to be launched by July 2008. However, there were various delays to the process and the licence later changed hands.

"We'd very much like to be available on DAB but, unfortunately, this isn't within our control. But just because you have a digital radio it doesn't mean you can't use it to listen to your favourite BBC Radio Derby programmes.

"Many DAB radios also have an FM option - which means you can hear us loud and clear on 104.5 Mhz, 95.3 MHz (mid and north Derbyshire) and 96 Mhz (Buxton).

"We'll keep you posted here on the latest developments - so watch this space!"

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