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Sarah Beeny helps launch new Tideswell cooking school
Sarah Beeny in Tideswell
Sarah Beeny says she rates her own cooking - but her husband feels differently

Tideswell has opened its new school of cooking - with a little help from television presenter Sarah Beeny.

The North Derbyshire village has been given a £400,000 National Lottery grant for the new centre, which will feature in a new BBC series called Village SOS.

Qualified chefs will run courses at the Tideswell School of Food to help people of all ages learn cooking skills.

There are also plans for the village to launch its own food label further down the line.

Village SOS will feature six areas where residents feel they need a helping hand in boosting their village's economy.

Sarah Beeny in Tideswell

Presenter Sarah Beeny said: "The Lottery want to be involved in projects that in 10 years can stand on their own two feet and I think that's absolutely right.

"This project stands a good chance but it's about whether the community can continue to plough the time and effort they already have into it.

"So watch this space. It wouldn't surprise me if it's still going strong in two years."

Project organiser Tim Nichol said: "It'll make a huge difference in many ways.

"It's the financial heart of the Taste Tideswell project and the profit we'll make out of running the courses will fund a range of activities.

"These should help reconnect everybody in Tideswell with their food and teach them where it comes from and how to enjoy it more and eat more healthily."

Village SOS has also helped set up projects in Wiltshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Powys in Wales and Fife in Scotland.

The series will air in early 2011.

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