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Gadsby and Glick hit the airwaves
Derby County
The club last changed hands in 2008

Both Derby County's chief executive Tom Glick and former chairman Peter Gadsby were keen to talk to fans following the surprise announcement of the takeover bid.

Gadsby has offered the American consortium £37m to hand over control of the club.

He has promised the manager £5m to spend on players and wants to give fans more say in the running of the club.

But Glick says the club is 'not for sale.'

Both parties used BBC Radio Derby's breakfast programme to speak directly to fans and put their side of the story across.

You can listen to both interviews using the audio links below:


Peter Gadsby

"This is about frustration, this is about being let down. The fans will know I was partly responsible for bringing these guys in.

"This is a club with full gates and parachute payments yet here we are as one of the biggest clubs for loan players and Nigel's got no money to spend. Where's it gone?

"The fans will decide who they want to run Derby County. We're fifth from bottom with no investment to buy any players.

"If you don't put the money in to sign players instead of loan after loan then the club won't go forward."


Tom Glick

"We're in a stronger position than the club has been in for years. Frankly we've spent the best part of the past two years sorting out the mess that was left behind in the winter of 2008.

"We're now working on a plan to bring the club back in a sensible steady way to the Premier League and we're not going to get ahead of ourselves and spend money that the club doesn't have.

"If Peter feels so strongly about having 10 per cent go to supporters then I would ask why he didn't choose to run it that way two years ago.

"He is deluded with his own self-importance. We owe it to fans to deliver against our own promises and I think we do that."

You can keep track of all the developments at Pride Park on BBC Radio Derby and the BBC Derby website.

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