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Meet Derbyshire's gambling pro's

Are horses a better bet than the banks?

In these times of economic uncertainty, some investors have started to turn their backs on banks and put their money on horses instead.

Steve Lewis-Hamilton, from Chesterfield, runs a tips service which sees subscribers pay around £1,000 a year for his meticulously-researched advice on racing.

He says his services offer his 200 customers a good chance of making a profit in the long term.

But is it a risk worth taking?

Six-figure profit

One of his subscribers, Roger Buckland, claims to have made thousands by following Steve's tips and betting in £50 increments.

Steve says he can't guarantee anyone a profit with his tips
Steve says he can't guarantee anyone a profit with his tips

In our BBC Inside Out report, Rob Whitehouse also meets business development manager Richard Carrington who says he's made a six-figure profit in the past year.

But of course it's not called gambling for nothing and Nick Tegerdine, the executive director of APAS urges caution for anyone tempted by investment gambling.

He says human nature makes people susceptible to chasing losses and being tempted in by the prospect of huge returns.

Our report also sees Steve spend a day at the races with former Nottingham Forest player and racing fan Kenny Burns.

Will Steve's tips stand up to scrutiny?

Is Peter Taylor a forgotten hero?
08 Oct 09 |  History



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