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Following football on BBC Derby

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Throughout the 2009-10 football season, here's how you can follow Derby County, Chesterfield and Burton Albion on BBC Derby with commentaries, match reports, audio and video.

On Radio

BBC Radio Derby now has the privilege of following two league clubs throughout the season and providing commentary on all games for both sides.

But with two teams to follow, often playing at the same time, we've had to split our frequencies between them. So here's how it works:

Derby County

Commentaries of the Rams games will ALWAYS be available on BBC Radio Derby's FM frequencies (104.5FM, 95.3FM and 96FM).

If Burton Albion are NOT playing at the same time, you'll also be able to hear the Rams on 1116AM.

Burton Albion

Commentaries of the Brewers will ALWAYS be available on BBC Radio Derby's AM frequency 1116 kHz.

On Saturdays, if Derby County are NOT playing at the same time, you'll also be able to hear the Brewers on 104.5FM, 95.3FM and 96FM. There may be other occasions when we can bring you the Brewers on FM frequencies as well, but this will be decided on a game-by-game basis.

So, normally on Saturdays when both teams kick off at 15:00, you'll need to tune to FM for the Rams and AM for the Brewers.


Chesterfield FC is covered in depth by BBC Radio Sheffield. However, BBC Radio Derby also carries match reports on Saturdays in Sportscene Live From Five (broadcast at 17:00)


BBC East Midlands Today now shows all Derby County's goals. For matches played on a Saturday, you can see the goals on Monday's programme (shown at 18.30). For midweek games, you can see the goals on the following day's programme.

In addition, the programme also shows a flavour of Chesterfield's games.

As Burton Albion is in Staffordshire, some of their goals are shown on BBC Midlands Today (from Birmingham). Again, when possible, Saturday goals are shown on Monday, midweek goals the following day.


See all the goals!

New for this season - you can now watch all the goals for Derby, Chesterfield and Burton in a new service - right here!

All the goals from their league matches will be available to watch online:

  • Saturday goals will normally be available from early on Monday morning
  • Sunday goals will normally be available from early on Tuesday morning
  • Mid-week game goals will normally be available from around 10pm on the following day

You'll find the video available as part of the match report for seven days and you can access all the material via our Sport section (Please note that the video service is only available to internet users in the UK).

Reports and scores

Live scores and match reports will be available for all three teams for almost all of their matches - and you'll find links through to those games from our homepage, bbc.co.uk/derby. Some post-match interviews and previews will also be available.

Commentaries are more complicated, though, and the rules are very strict.

In short, the BBC is NOT allowed to make football league commentaries for either the Rams, Spirites or Brewers available on its websites - so, sorry, but you won't be able to find commentary on this site for league games.

The reason for this is that the commentaries are legally owned by the Football League and although they grant us the rights to broadcast those commentaries on the radio, they have not given us the right to stream those commentaries on the web. That is a national arrangement.

However, BBC Radio Derby does share its Derby and Burton commentaries with the clubs and the clubs DO have the right to stream the commentary on their own websites. The clubs make a charge for that service (but please note that the BBC does not receive any money from those subscriptions). We understand, though, that Burton Albion's website may not be in a position to offer commentary for a few weeks.

FA Cup matches are different and we DO have the right to stream commentaries of those games and games in some other competitions. We will stream those commentaries we have the rights to via links available in our Sport section.


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