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Wilfred the hawk scares off Chesterfield's pigeons
Wayne and Wilfred
Wayne says Wilfred is a very soft hawk - but still a frightening sight for pigeons

Chesterfield FC's new ground may be attracting record crowds since it opened but its also attracting some unwanted visitors - pigeons.

Flocks of feral birds from the town centre have been nesting in the £13m stadium's rafters since it opened in August.

The pigeons have been reportedly dive-bombing supporters as well as dropping 'unwelcome presents' from above.

Now the club has hired a Harris hawk named Wilfred to scare them away.

Wilfred the Harris Hawk

Pest controller Wayne Margereson said: "He flies around the stadium to make the pigeons think it's a hawk's hunting ground.

"It's not there to catch them, just to scare them."

Chesterfield FC's Geoff Mitchell said: "As soon as we moved down here we found tell-tale signs of pigeon poo around the ground.

"We didn't want to install spikes or unsightly netting so the architect came up with the idea of using hawks as a deterrent.

"Hopefully Wayne and Wilfred can send them down south. They can have them at Pride Park!"

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