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BBC Two series Lambing Live comes from Cumbria
Kate Humble and Adam Henson
Kate Humble and Adam Henson head to Cumbria for Lambing Live

A television crew is heading to Cumbria to record the challenging lambing season at a farm.

This time there is a new farm and a new family as Kate Humble is apprenticed to the Marstons, a Cumbrian sheep farming dynasty spanning three generations.

The Marstons were born and bred in the Eden Valley on the very eastern edge of Cumbria.

The second series of Lambing Live, hosted by Kate Humble and Adam Henson, will be broadcast in April on BBC Two.

She said: "Lambing is a make or break time for farmers all over the country and as well as helping to make this a successful season for the Marstons I'm hoping to give people a glimpse of what farming really means."

The team has been discovering that hill sheep demand a new set of skills and a whole new language.

Kate has been helping with the 'fell gather' (bringing the sheep down from the hills), learning about 'hefting' (teaching the sheep to stay on the fell) and discovering what goes into producing a prize Swaledale.

Lambing is the biggest and busiest event in the farming calendar and it brings with it a rollercoaster ride of sleepless nights, complicated births, orphans and adoptions.

Busy time on the farm

Each spring the Marstons lamb about 700 sheep which are a mixture of pure bred Swaledales, Beltexes, North of England Mules and Blue Faced Leicesters.

Lambing is the biggest and busiest event in the farming calendar
Lambing is the biggest and busiest event in the farming calendar

Also joining in on the programme will be Hope and Lynne, the sheepdogs, and Smudge and Coco (apprentice but eager sheepdogs) and a few assorted chickens.

The Marstons said: "We hope that our story will be of interest to those with no farming background, will promote the area and may even offer a source of encouragement to other farmers."

While Kate gets involved on the farm, Countryfile presenter and farmer Adam Henson will be travelling the UK to explore British sheep farming.



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