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Prayer book of a Queen in Kendal
Handwritten prayer book
It is not known if the prayer book is hand written by Catherine Parr

Clad in silver and kept secure in the Town Hall in Kendal is the prayer book of Catherine Parr.

Parr married Henry VIII in 1543 aged 31, and remained with him until his death in 1547.

The Parr family have long associations with Kendal and the surrounding area.

Public fundraising and a large anonymous donation helped secure the small book for the town after it was offered for sale in a London antiques fair.

The prayer book of Catherine Parr

Although the Parr family owned Kendal Castle at the time of Catherine's birth it is uncertain if she ever visited the town.


A local antiques dealer spotted the prayer book for sale in London during 1935.

Knowing the connection between the Parr family and Kendal he made contact with the Mayor.

The asking price was £500.

Discussions were held to delay the sale, allowing time for a public fundraising appeal to be launched.

Twelve months later the book was secured for the town.

Should you wish to see the prayer book and some of the many other treasures kept in Kendal Town Hall then please contact the Council to arrange a visit.

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