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Page last updated at 10:30 GMT, Tuesday, 23 March 2010
Walney Offshore Windfarm offers energy alternative


Walney turbines offer energy alternative

At the moment, half our electricity comes from gas, and most of the rest from coal and nuclear. Only 7% is from renewables.

But that's about to change if the Government is to meet its target of 30% green energy by 2020 and Walney will be playing a crucial part in this.

Off the coastline at Walney work is now officially underway on the Walney Offshore Windfarm.

Gunfleet Sands in Essex

Over the next two years 102 wind turbines will pop up on the horizon west of Barrow.

A special ceremony at Ramsden Dock marked the occasion.

At Barrow Docks they're preparing to start work putting the foundations in place using special vessels

The turbines themselves will come straight from Denmark.

Power from Walney One and Two will come straight into the national grid.


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