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Meet the fashiongod from Furness

Stephen Ralph

Armed with guitar, distortion pedal & batch of 'quiet-loud-quiet' self-penned songs, the 90's saw me grunging it around the local pubs & clubs of Furness under the guise of 'Filthy Ralph' - the name seemed a good idea at the time, ahem! - until the drive & enthusiasm began to wane.

'Fashiongod' is a writing/recording project that brings me full circle back to the synth-pop era & music that first inspired me to start writing songs as a spotty 12 year old yoof!

Inspired by the likes of New Order, Pet Shop Boys, OMD, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode & Cabaret Voltaire, 'fashiongod' is about striving for the catchiest melody, strongest arrangement, lyrics that tell a story of some kind & hopefully music that people can dance to.

As a music fan & record collector (still seeking out 7" vinyl wherever possible), ideally I would like 'fashiongod' to help me realise my dream of releasing my own material on somebody's label, not for fame or fortune but purely the thought that another music fan & record collector out there somewhere might just have one of my songs in their collection for posterity.

About the songs

I Can Hold You - about two friends of mine who found themselves in problematic relationships.

The National Heckle Service - inspired by someone I knew determined to kick against small town mundanity.

Listen to more songs by fashiongod at MySpace:



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