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Exiles: Back-to-the-roots punk
The Exiles
We call ourselves Exiles 'cos we're not like everybody else
Phil Exile

The Exiles are a punk rock band from Carlisle.

Jonathan Ross recently tweeted The Exiles after hearing their music: "I like it - nice punk stylings!"

Legendary punks The Skids have also declared their love for The Exiles' sound.

They have just released an EP - Scream From Apathy City - as a free download and are currently rehearsing for their debut album.

Apathy is everywhere

The band also experiment with reggae. "Poverty, punk and reggae are inextricably linked," says Exiles vocalist Phil. "They're both genres born of frustration and desperation. That's why the effects of our music is so immediate too."

"Punk got so mainstream we've gone back to its roots for inspiration. Capitalism rots everything it touches. That's why we give away our music. Rot 'n' Roll, deal with it!"

"We call ourselves Exiles 'cos we're not like everybody else." adds Phil. "And apathy is everywhere - we're not singling out Carlisle."

The Exiles have previously released a limited edition 7" EP, Freaks, on Carlisle's Matchbox Classics label.


This autumn, The Exiles will support the Towers of London, when they play The Brickyard in Carlisle on Friday 20 November 2009.


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