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Archive: Calling all the Cumbrian artists
Night Radio DJ, 2008, Digital C-Print. From the series Night Workers.
Night Radio DJ, 2008, Digital C-Print. From the series Night Workers

Cumbria is a haven for artists of every hue. During 2009-10 we featured many of them in this section of the website.

Many supplied images for a gallery featuring highlights of their work. Others told of how their careers have developed and evolved.

The project has now finished and is left on the internet for archive purposes.

This section is not being updated and is not accepting any new submissions.

The project asked for:

  • A short profile: 500 words about you and your work. Please include contact information, and details of current and forthcoming exhibitions.
  • A photo or two of yourself.
  • Up to ten images of examples of your work, and information about each piece, such as its name, when it was created, what materials have been used and what inspired the creation.

A note on sending your submissions in:

  • For images we need jpeg (.jpg) files, but tiffs (.tif) or bitmaps (.bmp) files are fine too. They should be a minimum 1000 pixels wide for best results.
  • For your details, either include them in the body of the email, or as a text file suitable for opening in any word-processing program.
  • Please don't send details embedded in DTP program files such as QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, In Design or MS Publisher - we aren't able to open these, and please don't place the images in MS Word files or similar either, we can't extract them for the gallery!

Artists FAQ

Q. I've sent pictures to you, why aren't they in the Artists section?

Keith Tyson standing in front of one of his paintings
The Turner Prize winning artist, Keith Tyson with one of his paintings

A. We receive a lot of emails, pictures and comments each and every day and as a small team we have to prioritise the work we have. But be assured if your work is suitable for the galleries it will appear there.

Q. Can I have my gallery updated on a regular basis?
A. No - regard this section as a showcase for the best examples of your work.

Q. You've emailed me and asked for the images/ text again. Why?
A. See the notes above on what we require for submissions.

Q. How do I know when my pages are online?
A. We'll send you an email with the links to the pages of your work on our site.

Q. Why are the captions on my pictures different to the ones I sent in?
A. We have very limited space to caption the images due to the publishing system we use, so occasionally we need to edit the captions to fit.


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