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Contact the BBC in Cumbria

We welcome your comments, stories, pictures and feedback on the BBC 's output in Cumbria.

Choose the option below which best suits your requirements.

Online news stories

Do you have a news story for Cumbria? BBC News Interactive's local team would like to hear from you.

The team are based at Barrack Road, Newcastle, alongside BBC Look North and BBC Newcastle.

Your input means we produce better stories and can improve the quality and range of issues we cover.

If you have any comments about our coverage or a story suggestion for News Interactive only, please send an e-mail to: neandcumbria@bbc.co.uk .

Or contact us by post: BBC News Interactive, Barrack Road Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE99 1RN.

Or by telephone: 0191 2441265 or 0191 2441259.

We will presume that we may quote what you say, unless you ask us not to.

It would also help if you could include telephone numbers where you can be reached.

We cannot promise always to reply individually, but we will be very pleased to read what you have to say.

Radio frequencies

BBC Radio Cumbria broadcasts on the following frequencies:

North, East and West 95.6 FM

South 96.1 FM

Whitehaven 104.1 FM

Keswick 104.1 FM

Kendal 95.2 FM

Windermere 104.2 FM

AM frequencies

North 756 AM

South 837 AM

West 1458 AM

Main BBC Cumbria switchboard

Call: 01228 592444

BBC Radio Cumbria

Call a show: 0345 305 1122

Text a show: 81333 cumbria (Your text will be charged at your standard message rate.)

E-mail a show: radiocumbria@bbc.co.uk

Call the news desk: 01228 592 444

E-mail the news desk: radio.cumbria@bbc.co.uk

Call the traffic line: 0345 305 3939 to report problems only.
We are unable to give out travel information via this phone number.

Submit events/what's on information: radio.cumbria@bbc.co.uk

Write to: BBC Radio Cumbria, Annetwell Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8BB

BBC Look North

Call the news desk: 0191 244 1253

E-mail the news desk: newcastlenews@bbc.co.uk or


E-mail your comments: look.north.comment@bbc.co.uk

E-mail the weather team: looknorthweather@bbc.co.uk

Write to: Look North, Broadcasting Centre, Barrack Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE99 2NE

E-mail the team: cumbria@bbc.co.uk

Write to: BBC Cumbria, Annetwell Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8BB

General BBC information

To make a complaint about a BBC programme or website, visit the BBC Complaints site.

To provide some feedback about a BBC programme or website, visit the BBC Feedback site.

To find out more about other BBC programmes or websites, call the BBC Information Line on 03700 100 125.

Or use this form to contact us:

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The BBC may edit your comments and not all emails will be published. Your comments may be published on any BBC media worldwide.


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