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Leamington centre helps local businesses
Armando Magnino
Armando Magnino manufactures fine furniture and has his own business

As part of Just the Job, BBC Coventry & Warwickshire met up with some of the local businesses who have been helped by the Brunswick centre.

The five entrepreneurs include a landlady of a Bed and Breakfast and a creator of fine furniture.

All have different stories to tell, but all have come into contact with the Brunswick Healthy Living Centre for one reason or another.

Our Just the Job project deals with redundancy and available support.

Armando Magnino - Fine Furniture

Armando Magnino creates fine furniture. He's Italian and moved to Leamington Spa because of his partner. He works part-time at Warwickshire College, so that he can also pursue his passion of creating fine furniture out of hardwood.

This is where the Brusnwick Centre helped him. Armando retrained as a cabinet maker and started his own business in October 2009.

Nina Bale - Fine Art Prints

Nina Bale
Nina Bale prints fine art and would like to help other artists with their work

Nina Bale is a single mum of three and creates fine art prints. She worked in a primary school as a nursery nurse before developing a business with her step-father and learning fine art from scratch.

She works out of a converted garage at the bottom of her garden and would like to help photographers and artists to print their work onto canvas and create spaces to show off their work. Nina is still in the process of launching her business.

Maggie Perry - Bed and Breakfast

Maggie Perry
Maggie Perry runs a Bed and Breakfast in Kenilworth

Maggie Perry runs a Bed and Breakfast in Kenilworth. She had semi-retired due to ill health and felt that she couldn't work for someone else as she needed rests and wanted to manage her own time.

She thought that setting up her own Bed and Breakfast was the perfect solution, especially as her children had left home and there were now spare rooms.

Brunswick helped her set up and Maggie really loves being host to guests. All with her own money, she would like to make her home accessible, so that it is easy for disabled people to stay as well.

Martin Gordon - Formation Media

Martin Gordon
Martin Gordon is from Formation Media - a creative marketing company

Martin Gordon's creative marketing company, Formation Media, is part of Brunswick. It is a design-based company with an environmental slant.

It is based at the Althorpe Enterprise Hub and, unlike many of the other businesses we are featuring, is further developed. The company has grown since the original plan and has changed to suit the work they get, such as web and graphic design.

After two years in the planning, the business was launched in May 2009. It came about after Martin was made redundant and decided to develop his own idea. It was a good move and has been a success. In the current climate, lots of people are buying new companies, which need branding.

Herbie Ghita - Window Warm

Herbie Ghita
Herbie Ghita is from Window Warm

Herbie Ghita's Window Warm had a long term lease at Five Arches and has been established for 30-years. It is currently going through a rebranding and marketing development and has opened a new office in Warwick.

The business supplies windows, doors, conservatories and also window repairs. They have been in demand recently as people have been trying to save money and conserve heat.

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