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Meet Vic Minett

Vic Minett
Vic's on air weekdays 1700-2000

Q: Your Name?

A: Victoria Minett is my official name - Vic is my nom du stage!

Q: From?

A: Coventry kid and proud of it. Currently exiled in leafy Northamptonshire for reasons beyond my control but it's lovely there too!

Q: Star sign?

A: I'm a fiery Aries on the cusp of mild-mannered Taurus and apparently I have Gemini rising! It's a curious mix. And I don't believe any of it.

Q: Joined the Beeb in?

A: 2002

Q: What has your career involved so far?

A: Started out as a cub newspaper reporter in Stratford and I worked up the ranks before moving down to London to work in web journalism and then I came home to join the Beeb first at Pebble Mill and now in Coventry - the first time I've ever worked in my beloved home city!

Q: What does your job involve?

A: I'm on air every evening between 1700 and 2000 with loads of music, sport…and fun!

My favourite part of the week, though, comes on Fridays when I get to talk about football in Sky Blues Interactive.

Q: What's your favourite place in Coventry and Warwickshire?

A: The Co-op sleigh ride (even though it's only there for a month) and my mum's house (she feeds me very well indeed!).

Q: Who's your favourite person?

A: If I can't have my wonderful family and partner as a choice, it has to be Father Christmas or Elvis.

Q: What's your favourite hobby?

A: Following the Sky Blues and counting down to Christmas!

Q: Your favourite food?

A: A good ruby murray or carpaccio of beef fillet with Parmesan (if I'm feeling posh!).

Q: Your favourite drink?

A: Guinness, Drambuie or Ribena. I also love the odd chilled glass of Sherry in summer, which I always drink with pinkie extended!

Q: Favourite song?

A: Landslide by Tony Clark or I Wish It Could be Christmas Every Day by Wizzard (that one was obvious though).

Q: Favourite film?

A: Muppet Christmas Carol or Get Carter (never could decide on anything!).

Q: Give us a fascinating fact about yourself:

A : I once flew with the Red Arrows pilots - in a helicopter. And I've worn a jacket worn by Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show. It didn't fit. AND I am probably the world's biggest Christmas fan, I can tell you exactly how many days there are to go at any given time so feel free to test me.


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