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Success for BBC C&W's Dear God campaign
Coventry Cathedral
Some of the Dear God messages were displayed inside Coventry Cathedral

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire's Sunday faith show has won a prestigious prize for religious broadcasting.

Stuart Linnell and his team won a Merit Award at the Sandford St Martin Trust Religious Radio Awards 2010 for their Dear God campaign.

Stuart wanted to know what listeners to his show would ask God if they ever had the chance to do so.

Dear God ran in Autumn 2009 and the announcement of its success was made at a ceremony at Lambeth Palace in May.

Dear God...

If you had a hotline to God, what would you say to him?

Would you thank him, ask for his help or advice or talk about something good that has happened?

That's what BBC Coventry & Warwickshire's Sunday faith show asked in 2009.

Stuart Linnell read out messages that came in via letter, card, e-mail and even text message. For a while some of them went on display in Coventry Cathedral.

We received messages from people of all ages and some were left in a special Dear God box in the BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Open Centre. The following are a sample of the messages received:

"Dear God, what's in store for me in the future?"

- Parmdip

"Dear God, why are there wars in the world?"

- Mitchell

Stuart Linnell
Stuart Linnell looks at all faiths in the Coventry and Warwickshire area

"Dear God, why did you create the world?"

- Amy

"Dear God, are you real? Bring Michael Jackson back. I want to be with Emz forever. I want to be a zoologist, help."

- Jodie

"Dear God, Merry Christmas ; ) Could you do us a favour and prove to me you're real? It's quite annoying quite frankly. I LOVE JODIE! Make my dreams come true, please?

- Emily

"Dear God, if you made everyone equal, why are we always fighting, AKA war?!!"

- Dan

"Dear God, can you keep the world safe from CO2?"

- Eleanor

"Dear God, why are there wars in the world?"

- Mitchell

Stuart Linnell is on air every Sunday from 0700-1000. You can listen on 94.8, 103.7, 104FM, DAB and via the BBC iPlayer.

Meet Stuart Linnell
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