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Remembering the Blitz in Urdu
Unravelling film still
Unravelling explores post-colonial histories of war

As part of events to mark the anniversary of the blitz, Coventry Cathedral is screening a film about Indian soldiers in WWII.

The film was inspired by conversations between the director and his grandfather, who fought for the British in Burma, The Middle East and Africa, before settling in Coventry.

The results show that global conflict creates personal experiences.

Importantly, it also reminds us of the colonial contributions to the war.

Cross generations

The film, Unravelling, was developed from poetic dialogue in the Urdu language between the director, Kuldip Powar, and his Grandfather, Sawarn Singh.

Mr Singh is a war veteran who was a soldier in the Indian Army fighting for Britain in WWII, before moving to Coventry in the 1950s.

Award winning composer Nitin Sawhney responded to and incorporated the poetic dialogue to produce an original haunting score. In turn, the director weaved textured visuals with Nitin's score to deliver a powerful 'unravelling'.

Producers, Noise of the Past, describe the film as: "A sensory experience that is both evocative and haunting. The film explores the complex themes of war and remembrance, loss, exclusion and colonial legacy in contemporary Britain."

Unravelling can be seen at Coventry Cathedral until 14 November 2010.


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