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Presenters: Freddy Zapp
Freddy Zapp
Freddy Zapp plays hits from his rock and roll jukebox every Saturday between 12 and 2

BBC Radio Cornwall's Freddy Zapp hosts the longest running programme on BBC Radio Cornwall.

He has presented his Saturday Jukebox Show since 1992.

Over the years Freddy has interviewed many celebrities, as well as playing the greatest oldies.

It's hard to believe but Freddy Zapp has been spinning his golden oldies on BBC Radio Cornwall for more than 16 years.

It was at 9am, Saturday 10 February 1992, that Freddy presented his first ever radio show for the BBC.

BBC Cornwall web producer Matt Shepherd was a weekend volunteer at the radio station at the time, and he worked with Freddy on his first ever show.

It was an amazing experience," smiles Matt who was still at school at the time. "At 8.30am Freddy bounced into reception, larger than life, and full of energy. I knew that working with Freddy was always going to be a fun experience."

Freddy instantly drew on his knowledge to not only play classic oldies, but also the rarely heard and forgotten gems of yesteryear.

Freddy has also spoken to many of the people behind the hits.

Interviewing idols

His favourite programmes include those in which he's interviewed his musical heroes such as Wee Willie Harris, Emile Ford, Screaming Lord Sutch, Jimmy James and Desmond Dekker.

Freddy grew up in Cornwall during the '60s and was heavily influenced by the music of the time.

Freddy Zapp
My dream was always to become an entertainer

"My dream was always to become an entertainer," remembers Freddy. "I grew up at the time when everybody wanted to be in a beat group."

The young Freddy may have been enthusiastic but his careers officer had different ideas.

"I told him I wanted to be a drummer in a band. But he told me to stop wasting my time and to get a proper job."

Every weekend Freddy gets huge audiences in Cornwall (and around the world through the internet) for tracks that you won't hear anywhere else on your radio.

Nostalgic favourites from the '50s and '60s predominate - many are rarities from his own collection and imported from the States.

Away from the radio Freddy's found time to restore his classic sports car in time for its 50th birthday.

Freddy even managed to stand as a candidate for the Monster Raving Loony Party in three general and five town council elections.

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