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Page last updated at 12:20 GMT, Monday, 15 November 2010
Cornwall's Rock Artist Peter Pracownik
Peter Pracownik was responsible for this album cover
Peter Pracownik has produced covers for Hawkwind, The Albion Band and more

North Cornwall's Peter Pracownik is one of the world's best known New Age artists.

His work has been seen all around the world including a one man show at the legendary MGM studios in Hollywood.

In a career that spans 21 years so far,more than six million impressions of Peter's art in art-card formats alone have been sold world wide.

Peter's work is also well known in the rock music scene.

The Albion Band - cover by Peter Pracownik

BBC Cornwall's Debbie McCrory visited Peter Pracownik at his Cornish home. Click on the link to hear the interview.

He was commissioned in 1993 to design a T-shirt and poster for a Grateful Dead Tour. Recently this has been made into a poster too.

Peter's work has appeared on album covers for The Yardbirds, ex Deep Purple/Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, The Albion Band, Caravan and many more.

Peter says: "The album covers came about because of my musical past. I did a lot of session work in the '70s.

"I fell into the psychedelic side of music. Once you start touring and gigging around the country you meet all sorts of people.

"That's how I came to do some work for Ronnie Wood. I did a portrait for his son. It was a picture of Ronnie and his boy which was taken down in Sennen Cove.

"I do believe that Ronnie has it now."

Peter Pracownik spent much of his life in Glastonbury, a place steeped in mysticism and history.

Recently he moved to another place which is an important part of the King Arthur legend, Tintagel.

Away from music, Peter's exhaustive knowledge and understanding of mythology and legend brought him to the attention of US Games.

The company commissioned him to create the best selling Dragon Tarot.

It proved to be so successful that the company commissioned Peter to create the images for the Wyvern collectible card game.

This has since become one of the most popular fantasy role playing games in the USA and Europe.

Peter's Cornish gallery Another Green World opened five years ago.

Previously the artist owned the well renowned Albion Gallery in Glastonbury.

Since moving to Cornwall, Peter has joined forces with multi media & equine fantasy artist Nicola Clare Lydon to produce work together.

This work and more can be seen on Peter's website.


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