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Page last updated at 13:28 GMT, Monday, 1 November 2010
Cornwall to welcome red squirrels
A red squirrel

The rare indigenous red squirrel could be seen again in Cornwall, if a project to reintroduce them goes ahead.

West Penwith and The Lizard are the two locations being looked at.

A full-time warden could be appointed to co-ordinate the reintroduction.

The organisers say the project will be successful only if it has the support of local people.

A grey squirrel
Grey squirrels are common in Cornwall

They are holding a public meeting on Tuesday 2nd November to gauge that support. It's at the Tolmen Centre, Constantine, at 6pm.

The owner of the Trelowarren estate, Sir Ferrers Vyvyan, is a key player in the campaign to get red squirrels back in Cornwall.

He said grey squirrels would be trapped and then killed, to enable the reds to thrive.

Public support for culling grey squirrels is necessary because they carry a disease called squirrel pox, which would wipe out the red squirrels if they co-existed.

Sir Ferrers Vyvyan said: "I'm fortunate enough to remember having seen them here at Trelowarren, and I think they're an iconic animal of the English landscape.

"We've recently seen the reintroduction of choughs on The Lizard.

"I'd love to have the chance to see if we can work this project successfully to see one of our favourite animals, which was here before, back."

Enthusiasts in Cornwall are working with the Red Squirrel Survival Trust, who did a habitat study last year and identified both Penwith and The Lizard, with its estuarine valleys, as perfect habitats.

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