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HMS Raleigh

After nine weeks of hard training, find out who graduates in our final film

BBC Spotlight's Johnny Rutherford has followed new recruits for nine weeks in a series about HMS Raleigh at Torpoint.

The series may be over but you can still watch all the films.

The recruits include Stuart Fox, aged 19, from Helston; and James Gormley, aged 31, from Porthtowan.

You can find out whether the Cornish recruits made it through the training.

Watch the footage from BBC Spotlight's HMS Raleigh series:

In our eighth film find out who graduates.

In our seventh film our recruits face their final, toughest military exercise.

In our sixth film it's a case of tackling fire and water for our new recruits.

In our fifth film of the series another recruit has to leave, while the others tackle challenging weather on Dartmoor.

In our fourth film in the series, there's some fresh air and a tough course for the recruits.

In our third film in the series, the recruits fitness levels are tested to the limit.

In our second film in the series, pressure is building as the remaining recruits try to pass the swimming and fitness tests.

Meeting the new recruits as they are put through their paces.

Our Cornish recruits

James Gormley is joining the Royal Navy as a diver.

James has lived in Cornwall since 1998 and previously worked for the NHS as a senior supporter for people with learning difficulties.

He wanted to join the Royal Navy for the challenge, life experience and for a new career path.

James Gormley
James has trained hard and feels he is up for the challenge

He has always been interested in the Navy and believes that he can't go any further in his current career.

He is a recreational diver and a keen surfer, and sees becoming a Navy diver as a way of pursuing his hobby worldwide.

James is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend.

He has trained hard and feels he is up for the challenge of basic training.

He says: "It's been a long time coming. The future begins here."

The contract, which is for 18 years, states the recruits must stay for at least four weeks, giving the trainees a chance to try out life in the Navy.

If the military life doesn't fit, then there's a get out clause within the first six months.

The new recruits are tested in various tough exercises, but working hard has its rewards.

Within a few days there's already reason to celebrate for Cornwall's James Gormley.

He says: "Class leader, wow, my first promotion in the Navy and I have only been here four days.

"It means a lot more responsibility, and being the voice and the representative for the class.

"It's quite daunting, but a massive honour."

Stuart Fox from Helston

Stuart Fox worked at Tesco before joining the Royal Navy.

Being a Sea Cadet pointed him in the direction of joining the Royal Navy full-time.

Stuart's parents are ex-Army and he feels this played a part in him moving into the forces
Stuart's parents are ex-Army and he feels this played a part in him moving into the forces

His parents are ex-Army. Stuart chose to be a Seaman Specialist because he liked the opportunity of driving the boats.

He is looking forward to the weapons training as he experienced shooting in the cadets.

He says he needs to mentally prepare to give himself the confidence with the fitness tests.

Physically he feels he is up to the challenge.

Keep checking back over the next few weeks for updates to the series.

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