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Page last updated at 13:04 GMT, Tuesday, 21 September 2010 14:04 UK
Unusual lobster caught in Cornwall
Popeye and Edward Scissorhands
Popeye and Edward Scissorhands are the latest 'mutant lobsters'

St Just fisherman Steven Tregeer has donated a mutant lobster with two crushing claws to Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium after hauling it up in his pots.

The unusual lobster was caught half a mile west of Cape Cornwall.

Lobsters are among the planet's oldest inhabitants with fossil remains found dating back more than 100 million years.

They can also lived for a very long time.

Popeye on the beach
Lobsters origins stretch back more than 100 million years

Some lobsters are known to live to the age of 60 years and beyond.

The latest unusual Cornish catch has been nicknamed 'Popeye'.

It is the second mutant lobster to have been given to the aquarium.

Last month a lobster with two cutting claws - known as Edward 'Scissorhands', was donated by Mylor fisherman Ned Bailey.

Blue Reef's David Waines said: "On his own Edward was an extremely unusual find. Mr Bailey told us he was only the third lobster with two cutting claws that he's come across in 28 years of fishing.

"So for Popeye to have been caught within the space of just a few weeks is nothing short of extraordinary!

"We now have a pair of lobsters with the correct number of cutting and crushing claws - the only problem is they're the wrong way round.

The lobsters prey consists of crabs, which are grabbed by the legs using the cutter claw while the crusher claw is usually used to break open the carapace.

Other prey include mussels, clams, sea urchins, starfish and marine worms. In good visibility lobsters can also catch fast moving prey such as shrimps and small fish.

As with most members of the crustacean family, lobsters are also able to re-grow lost limbs and even re-generate missing eyes.

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