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Page last updated at 08:51 GMT, Monday, 8 March 2010
Wanda Summers amazing recovery leads to Gobi Desert
Gobi Desert
The Gobi Desert covers northern China, and southern Mongolia

Wanda Summers, from Praa Sands, was told if she tried to stand after her paragliding accident her spine would most likely crumble.

She decided to ignore her physician's warnings and discharged herself from hospital.

Now Wanda is preparing to run 150 miles across the Gobi desert.

The Gobi Desert is the second lowest place on earth and the hottest area in China.

Wanda Summers says it was determination that gave her the strength to get better:

This x-ray shows Wanda's vertebra in fragments

"I think they thought I was completely mad but I'd had eight weeks of lying on my back in hospital.

"I had just had enough so I decided I would find away of getting out."

Day by day Wanda built up her own mental and physical programme to work her way back to fitness.

"I am just incredibly stubborn. I love running and I had dreams of all the events that I want to do.

"About four months ago I couldn't manage a little jump. So I have been having to recover and train simultaneously with the Gobi in mind. I have got nearly four months training to do. But I will do it."

Wanda is running six days a week, sometimes up to 15 miles a session.

It's all in preparation for her 150 mile run across the Gobi Desert.

Wanda will be running on land with a rich history. Dinosaurs roamed the Gobi Desert when it was a land of scrub and scattered trees.

It will also be a test for any runner. The Gobi's temperatures can range from -40 degrees Celsius in the winter and 40 degrees Celsius in the summer.

Wanda is doing the challenge to raise funds for ShelterBox, the Cornish charity that sends its emergency aid to countries all over the world in the shape of its now famous green boxes.

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