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Page last updated at 10:29 GMT, Thursday, 21 January 2010
Shelterbox in Haiti
Shelterbox in Haiti
Shelterbox aid has started to arrive in Haiti. Volunteers are also taking pictures of the devastation

The Caribbean country of Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake earlier in January.

Hundreds of thousands of people are estimated to have died. In seconds, buildings that had stood for decades had collapsed beyond recognition.

At least 50,000 people have died. That figure could rise to as many as 200,000.

Aid boxes from the Cornish charity Shelterbox have started to arrive in Haiti..

ShelterBox News Updates

In Pictures - ShelterBox in Haiti

Shelterbox's Mark Pearson is the charity's photographer. Click on the link below to see some of his pictures from Haiti.

Shelterbox Background

The three-person ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) in Haiti has set up an operations base in the capital Port au Prince with the assistance of local Rotarians to co-ordinate the delivery of aid in the country.

They are working with the French aid agency ACTED to determine the areas in most need of assistance and are training personnel to put up tents ahead of their arrival into the devastated country.

ShelterBox Head of Operations John Leach said: "This is the largest, quickest and most complex deployment in our history. We are now very well organised across four countries to get ShelterBoxes to the people of Haiti quickly.

"We are now set up to channel aid to those in need efficiently and effectively in the days and weeks to come. This is a long term commitment from ShelterBox and we have to sustain our initial push."

Warehouse volunteers continue to pack ShelterBoxes day and night at the charity's headquarters in Helston. More than 3,300 ShelterBoxes have been committed so far, enough to help up to 33,000 people.

Shelterbox aid
The Shelterboxes are unloaded ready to go to the areas in need

ShelterBox Founder and CEO Tom Henderson says: "The need in Haiti is huge. Current estimates are that there are over a million people who have lost their homes."

Public donations are vital to ShelterBox's continuing work around the world.

To make a donation please ring 0300 0300 500 or go to www.shelterbox.org to donate online and get the latest updates on the charity's response to the Haiti earthquake.

Click here for up to the minute news about the disaster in Haiti, visit the BBC's news website's dedicated pages.

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