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Hypnotizing Rabbits on BBC Radio Cornwall

Hynotizing rabbits
Cliff Penrose hynotizes Tammy live on air

A man from Cornwall who has been breeding rabbits for 30 years claims he can hypnotize them.

Cliff Penrose from St Austell says by hypnotizing the rabbit it calms them down for him to inspect the creature fully without upsetting them.

Cliff's theory was put to the test live on air on BBC Radio Cornwall's breakfast show on Thursday 1 April. Coincidentally it was also April Fool's Day - however presenter James Churchfield pointed out this was a genuine report.

So how does Cliff hypnotize his rabbits... Click on the two pieces of audio below to find out.

Part one features Cliff hypnotizing a rabbit live on air, while part two sees our very own Pam Spriggs having a go!

Cliff says: "By hypnotizing a rabbit you can make it relax, so it can be examined without it struggling or hurting its back or legs."

"First thing I do is lift her up to my chest and make sure she's relaxed. Then I have to bow to the rabbit."

Next Cliff lay Tammy the rabbit on the radio studio's desk flat on her back. Cliff then very gently rubbed Tammy's belly, until Tammy was hypnotized. Cliff stopped rubbing her belly and Tammy lay there very still.

Cliff says Tammy would then be under for about five minutes.

Pictures were taken during the interview. Click on the link below to see the photos...




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