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Page last updated at 09:55 GMT, Tuesday, 9 March 2010
Rare triplet calves born on a Cornish farm

Rare triplet calves in Cornwall

A cow in Cornwall has beaten odds of 100,000 to one by giving birth to triplets.

Her name is Caesar and she's now busy looking after the new arrivals on a farm near Landrake.

Laura, Ben and Tom are the new arrivals at the farm.

When Caesar began calving earlier in March, farmer Gary Bridgeman didn't expect three calves.

One of the rare triplet calves
The rare triplets were born on a farm in Landrake

Gary says: "I have never seen it before, but her mother did have twins."

The new arrivals are causing quite a stir down on the farm, with family members and friends all keen to meet the rare triplets.

Gary says: "You don't expect triplets. We had Caesar scanned but you never ask how many, so it's a bit of a miracle to me."

Like humans the average gestation period is about 285 days or nine months. A new born calf will typically weigh between 40 to 50kg.

The Bridgeman family certainly had their work cut out when they triplets arrived. The priority with new born calves is to ensure they suckle and drink at least 2 litres of colostrum.

This is the first milk produced by the calf's mother following calving. It helps to shape the calve's health in the future.

The triplets in Landrake may be cute and soft now, but within a year they will be as big as their parents.

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