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Rare Bengal cats need new homes
Bengal cat
Bengal cats are very popular among serious cat lovers and usually command a high price

Staff from the Cats Protection centre in Cornwall are having to find homes for 27 rare and valuable Bengal cats.

Claire Rowe is the centre manager. She says there's been plenty of interest:

"They are quite valuable and they are pure bred Bengals. I think you can pay between £200 and £450."

There were 27 Bengal cats which arrived at the centre. The team in Cornwall had to contact other cat protection centres to help look after the large number.

Bengal cats
Bengal cats are very sociable and demanding pets

Claire Rowe says they are looking for a particular type of cat lover.

"Obviously we have been looking for very special homes. We do need people who understand the breed. They are very sociable and like a lot of company. We have sought homes where we know they will have lots of company."

Lisa Hunkin from Falmouth is one of those who understands the breed. She now has two of the Bengal cats.

"Bengals fascinate me, the character and the attitude of the cat is amazing. Their markings are outstanding. My two Bengals are very vocal and demanding. But they are just so loveable and they play for hours."

The Bengal breed was originally created by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat.

They are large, sleek and very muscular with a big bushy tale.

There are still some Bengal cats at the Truro and Exeter Adoption Centres - and many other breeds - needing new homes. You can contact the Truro Centre on 01872 870575 or the Exeter number is 01395 232 377.

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